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The Legacy of Indian® Motorcycle

We are your official dealer for American made Indian Motorcycle! We are the foremost customer oriented dealership serving San Jose, the Bay Area and San Francisco. Our focus is to make your experience at our store the best in the country.

Winter's Hours (until March 9th)

Mon: Closed

Tue - Sat: 9AM to 6PM

Sun: 11AM to 4PM

TUESDAY 27th Jan: Closed - Polaris meeting

SUNDAY 1st Feb: Closed - SUPERBOWL

We have exciting news all over the place with the New Product Launches - 2015 models - already at the store. If you would like to be one of the first ones in the bay area to have them come by to the store, or give us a call (408 571 6000) to get or pre-order the unit.

Indian Motorcycle has released the two-tone painting for the Indian Chiefs 2015 (Classic, Vintage and Chieftain). The Indian Roadmaster, 2015 Chieftain, Vintage & Classic are already at Spirit Motorcycles San Jose. And the legend, Indian Scout is available for test ride. Come by, you will be amazed

Harley Davidson owners receive $1000 w/full size 2015 purchase. This can be used on trade allowance, parts, garments or accessories, or as a discount.

All 2015 Indian Motorcycle models are available to test ride at the store

We are created the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group (IMRG) - San Jose Chapter. All members of the National Indian Motorcycle Riders Group are eligible to participate - http://www.indianmotorcycle.com/en-us/stories/riders-group. We had our inaugural meeting and ride on Sat 8th Nov and we had over 45 people enjoying a happy day out. We had so many new members that we ran out of patches! But have no fear, we have more coming this week!

We had a great meeting and breakfast at the store before we headed out, riding to Hollister on a glorious day. The group lunched at Corbin (good food, great atmosphere) and enjoyed a tour of the Corbin facilities, seeing first hand the process of custom seat building. Plenty of smiles!

The requisite the become part the IMRG San Jose Chapter is to be part of the National IMRG. There are three types of memberships and you do not need to own an Indian Motorcycle to join in.

Join our San Jose Chapter - Join now .

Why Join?

• Membership Patch and Pin

• Local Chapter Participation

• Indian Motorcycle Riders Group™ Merchandise

• Exclusive Discounts on Indian Motorcycle® Apparel and Accessories

Join the IMRG - San Jose Chapter at: http://www.meetup.com/Spirit-Motorcycles-San-Jose-Group-Riding-Meetup/events/215618972/

Additionally we organize Store Rides. At the store rides, all Riders and brands are welcome (over 600cc in order to keep up with speed in highways if needed). Please join us at Meetup.com. Become a member - it is free - and join Spirit Motorcycles San Jose Riding Group. press this link http://www.meetup.com/Spirit-Motorcycles-San-Jose-Group-Riding-Meetup/

As you tour our interactive web site, please keep in mind that all of us at Spirit Motorcycles San Jose are 110% committed to providing the highest level of customer service. Our promise is that we will work super hard to make your dream come true. So make yourself at home and enjoy your visit to Spirit Motorcycles San Jose, where exceeding customer expectations is priority number one.

Our staff live our company values and you will experience them when you come to visit.

We are:

- Customer Oriented – we listen your needs and work hard to satisfy them.

- Honest – at our Service Department we have a No Rip Off Policy. We will only suggest to service and repair what your bike needs.

- Committed - We will do the extra mile every time to make you feel at home and to deliver the best customer service

- Respect – we respect our customers, our vendors, our employees and every stakeholder that interact with our company

- Contribute to Community – We are members of our community and we engage and support it at many levels. We give back to our community as we are responsible neighbors who contribute to the betterment of it.

- Honor the ones who serve this country – please come and ask for our special programs for our National Heros, whether you are a veteran, work on the forces, Fire Department, or serve this country in any way.”

Shaye Chirotarrab – Vice President